SquareTrade Care Plans VS. Manufacturer’s Warranties.

There are basically two types of warranties out there – a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty usually covers your first 90 days to 1 year of the use of product. An extended warranty continues the coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

A SquareTrade Warranty extends and enhances the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your item. It has features that fill in the gaps in new product manufacturer warranty coverage. These features includes:

  • Length of warranty coverage: Up to 3 years

  • Parts and Labor: Yes

  •  No Deductibles: Yes

  • Transferable: Yes

  • Renewable: Yes

  •  In house service for large item like TVs: Yes

  •  Nationwide service network: Yes

  • Covers used item: Yes

  • Refundable at any time (pro-rated): Yes

However, a manufacturer’s warranty usually come with a number of restrictions:

  •  Length of warranty coverage: Up to 1 year.

  • Parts and Labor: Yes

  • No Deductibles: Yes

  • Transferable: Limited

  • Renewable: No

  • In house service for large item like TVs: Limited

  • Nationwide service network: No

  • Covers used item: No

  • Refundable at any time (pro-rated): No

Having a SquareTrade warranty as your back up plan is always a wise decision. It costs only a small fraction of the item price and you get up to couple years of extra protection.




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