Having trouble buying a used electronics item with an unbeatable price?

No doubt buying a used item is always a tough decision. You don’t know how long you can use it or whether it’s worth the small investment.

I’d like to recommend SquareTrade’s warranty. They are offering warranties that cover used consumer electronics. Their warranty is a worry free plan on all warrantable used/refurbished items. They provides a full 24 months of coverage, starting 60 days after the auction ends. Not covered are pre-existing conditions, items that are received in damaged condition, or items that break within 60 days of auction end.

Below is a list of warranty benefits on a used item.

  • Costs 30-50% less than retailer warranties.
  • Provides full coverage on all mechanical failures.
  • Offers a 2 year plan for all used/refurbished/item don’t come with a 90 days or more manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Toll-free tech support. A team of product specialists are trained to handle a wide range of basic technical support matters. They will help you determine if your item can be fixed over the phone before referring you for further services.
  • 5 days claim process. If your item can’t be fixed in 5 days, you will get a full reimbursement of the original item price you paid.
  •  All parts and labor expenses are covered. There are no deductible or hidden charges.

Many buyers are thanking me for offering SquareTrade warranties on my used items and I hope you will take advantage of it too.



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