Guide to a Quick and Reliable Service for your Consumer Electronics Items

Finding a reliable servicing company for your consumer electronics item is difficult. I am proud to offer a SquareTrade warranty as the preferred warranty plan for your item. SquareTrade has been working with buyers and sellers since 1999. They are the largest provider of warranties in the eBay marketplace. A SquareTrade warranty provides a simple yet comprehensive plan to extend the life of your item. Repair is as simple as a phone call away.

As simple as…If your item needs a repair, simply call the SquareTrade toll-free number listed. A Product Specialist will handle your service request from there. They will determine if your item is eligible to be repaired or replaced. If your item needs service or repair, they will find the service center nearest you. If your Product Specialist determines that your item needs to be replaced, you will receive a full reimbursement of the original price you paid for your item. Best of all, the turnaround time is only 5 days. As comprehensive as…A SquareTrade warranty costs 30-50% less than retail warranties, protects your electronics to prevent any mechanical and electrical issues that occur through normal use, and offers 2-3 years extended peace of mind after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. As reliable as…

SquareTrade gives 100% Buyer Satisfaction. They covers all costs for parts and labor. No hidden cost or deductibles. They provide a nationwide service network and are fully insured by an A-rated insurance carrier.  


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